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Enjoying the outdoors is still pretty simple even on a soaking wet day like today. All it takes is a raincoat, a decent pair of shoes and a sense of adventure. Lisa and I decided to go for a hike, donning the appropriate gear we headed out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

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The Rocky Valley Trail combined with the East Quarry Trail would give us some pretty views and a short hike before heading back home to eat some leftovers and do a little housework. The leaf covered trails were still easy to navigate as we walked briskly over wet rocks and roots, making sure we placed our feet carefully. It was really a beautiful day out there. The wet leaves still holding on to the last color of fall were a stark contrast to the fog laden mountains.

Don’t let the weather get in your way of enjoying all the Natural State has to offer. Today we had the trails to ourselves but we would have gladly shared them with others seeking to escape the shopping crowds and endless television. If you did make it outside today, feel free to share your adventure with us on our Facebook or Twitter Pages.











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