Looking back on the last (almost) hill of the Ouachita Challenge Tour.

Ouachita Challenge Top 10 List

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Looking back on the last (almost) hill of the Ouachita Challenge Tour.
Looking back on the last (almost) hill of the Ouachita Challenge Tour.

Arkansas Outside’s Top 10 list of things said or overheard during and after the Ouachita Challenge Tour and Race. We’re not David Letterman, but we can try.

10. “Oh no. You caught my pain face.” Tammy Hottinger
9. “I missed the cutoff but at least I don’t have to climb Gaston Mountain now.” Laura Wooldridge
8. “We’re headed back to that creek, you know the one people crash in?” and “THERE WAS A BEER HAND-UP BACK THERE!” Big Pig Racing Team/Beer Fairies and Chad Cragle, one phrase being the instigator of the other.
7. “Serpentine serpentine! Welcome home.” Fred Phillips
6. “They said it was all downhill from here. Why did they lie to us?” Joe Grant
5. “Don’t tell anyone I’m listening to Neil Diamond.”
4. “That pic goes under masochist in the dictionary. Or idiot.” AO’s response, “You mean Champion? One man’s idiot is another man’s champion.”
3. “C’mon, I know you’ve suffered worse than this.” Overheard as a couple of riders came across 298. #Encouragement.
2. “It was Brutiful.” Scott Penrod

And the #1 phrase after the 60 brutiful miles of the Ouachita Challenge Race was uttered in response to the question “what was your favorite section?”

1. “My favorite section is going to be the section from this chair to my car.” Mike Simmons, after finishing his first Ouachita Challenge Race.

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Congratulations to all the riders in the tour or the race and special kudos to those maniacs who rode both days. If you were one of those double ups, please see #4 but ignore the second part.

We’ll have a lot more tomorrow….

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