We enjoyed the cabins at Village Creek State Park

Outdoor Recreation and the Arkansas Delta

The Community Bicyclist

Last November I joined a bike ride through the Arkansas Delta with Martin Smith of Ecological Design Group, Inc., and several other friends. The ride went from Jonesboro, Arkansas to Clarksdale, Mississippi. My previous experience with outdoor recreation in the delta consisted largely of long flat farmland rides or paddling flat waters in the Big Woods. This ride changed my perception of the area and enhanced my belief that the Arkansas Delta could benefit from better defining and promoting all of the outdoor recreation opportunities in the area.

I had the opportunity last week to join Bobby Rickard and Martin on Bobby’s podcast, Natural State Bikes to talk about Martin’s vision of the delta and talk a bit more about our ride. You can listen to the podcast at Natural State Bikes – Biking the Arkansas Delta and Crowley’s Ridge. Below, I’ve included some links that go a little deeper into what we were talking about. Give it a listen and plan to play outside in the Arkansas Delta soon.

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