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Something wonderful happened out on the Cossatot River this weekend. We often write about the family that is formed by those of us who appreciate and enjoy being active outdoors. This weekend that family just got a little stronger, we’ll let Ginger and Lance tell you what happened.


Her Turn (by Ginger):

Adventure time was the post of the day as Lance and I jumped in the truck and headed out of town. We were unsure of road conditions seeing that winter weather had hit the state recently but the roads were much improved after we crossed the icy 4-30 bridge. We were going to attempt to hit the river!  First goal was to make it to Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters to see the good folks and look at new gear.  After that was accomplished we headed for an even better part……  an even BIGGER adventure!  We arrived at the Cossatot River or as us kayakers call it, the Tot, got our gear on, and off into the water at below freezing. Burrrrrrrr.  We decided to paddle up above the falls to visit the local beavers that we see on every run on the river and then run back down the falls. This was the first river I had ever kayaked and met Lance Jones that day, June 16th 2012, and to say the least it has been an adventure on and off of the river ever since. But today, December 7th 2013, after we kayaked the falls and hiked up the bank, he had something to say and he surprised me!  “I have something for you?” he said.  He pulled a box out of his PFD and I was thinking to myself holy cow he got me a necklace that I really wanted, seeing that Lance has mainly bought me gear a necklace would be a big shock, but no it was a ring and I said YES!  Lance and I have shared a common love for kayaking and the outdoors, we have both grown so much in the time we have known each other and we have so many more adventures to come.

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His Turn (by Lance):

Last year I met the most beautiful and amazing woman at the Cossatot River. Since then we have shared a common love of kayaking and other outdoor activities while growing closer each day. I wanted my proposal to be special and include the kayaking bond that started and continues in our relationship. Since whitewater in Arkansas depends on rain, it wasn’t something I could plan for on a specific day. I patiently waited for the conditions to present themselves. The December 6, 2013 winter storm gave rain to the Cossatot area ahead of the ice, but the weather conditions kept us indoors and off the roads. The next morning, we noticed the river was still running at a nice level and with a sparkle in her eye, she said “Let’s Go!”. I thought this might be the opportunity I had been waiting for. We arrived at the Cossatot Falls to find we had it all to ourselves. With the temperature in the upper 20s we opted to make a quick run down the Falls and hike back up in lieu of a longer river run. I slipped the ring and box in a plastic bag and into my pocket. After making our run down the Falls, we started hiking back up and stopped in the middle to enjoy the wonders of this beautiful place. I retrieved the ring and Ginger made me the happiest person in the world with the word ‘Yes’!


Congratulations to Ginger and Lance.


The ring
The ring


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