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Imagine cyclists making their way across the state, entering via the Big River Bridge from Memphis, Tennessee and arriving in West Memphis, Arkansas. You’d think the views crossing the Mississippi River to be one of the highpoints of the ride. But miles later, the cyclists reach the White River Bridge at Clarendon, Arkansas. This almost two-mile long route crosses high over the White River and at treetop level through the Dale Bumpers White River National Wildlife Refuge and then crossing an ancient oxbow lake, twice. Incredible views of various birds and other wildlife plus beautiful wetlands plant life. A replacement bridge has been built and is in operation leaving the possibility of this route becoming a park for the city of Clarendon and a draw for tourists from across the country, a walking-cycling route that would improve the local quality of life. This historic bridge will be torn down at a cost much higher than maintaining it in a matter of weeks. But there is hope. Please sign the petition and reach out to Senator Boozman to save this incredible asset to both the town of Clarendon and the state of Arkansas.

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Enjoy the video below to get a quick tour of the bridge. You’ll notice it says the demolition was slated for 3 years ago. The struggle has been going on for quite a while but we are running out of time.

We have come to a point where it seems that it will either take an act of God, or our very own U.S. Senator, John Boozman, to save this bridge. We have two months before the demolition begins on the bridge, as a result of a ruling by a judge in court for the purpose of lobbying our elected officials to represent us in Washington D.C. We ask that you join us in requesting our U.S. Senator, John Boozman, who is the possibly the best-positioned member of Congress to help save the bridge: In addition to serving…(more)

Source: Petition · John Boozman: Calling on Senator John Boozman to Help Save Our White River Bridge! ·

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  1. An asset that is irreplaceable and should be saved. Senator, your help to do this will be appreciated by our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

  2. As you cut taxes along with vital services and environmental protections, saving this bridge while saving taxpayer dollars for a viable alternative use seems a no brainer.

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