Polar Vortex – Part 4, The Leadman Series

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“I am the great and mighty Polar Vortex. All of North America shivers in my presence.” – @PolarVortex

What does the Polar Vortex have to do with Leadman…a lot.  This being January 7th, many of you have New Year’s resolutions you have made and are working to fulfill.  Often those revolve around exercise and getting into shape, losing weight, and to stop engulfing large boxes of Nerds candies (ahem to myself).  Some people have the amazing will power to just start embracing those activities and keep at it.  I, on the other hand, have to have a goal, and typically a big goal, to drive me forward through the tough times.  If you have been following this series of articles you know that my big goal for this year is to become a Leadman.


I just paid the piper and am embracing the fact that the five Leadman Race Series events (Marathon run, 50 mile MTB, 100 mile MTB, 10k run, 100 mile run) will happen and I will be on the five starting lines and I will finish under the cut-off times (you have to be positive!).  But….while being on the starting line always creates butterflies and excitement, for me the “race” began several months ago….meaning, becoming a Leadman started on the first training run back in November.  Every run and ride I do, all the training, between now and the August 16th, 2014, the date of the last Leadman event, in my mind is part of the encompassing races, part of the entire event, it’s a whole package.

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Every step and pedal stroke I take right now is part of being a Leadman…which brings me to the Polar Vortex!  The cold blast from the North is dampening my spirits and preventing me from embracing the fraught over training plan.  Last night I was scheduled to run 10 miles hard and fast.  I was tired, felt a cold coming on, and it was 10 degrees outside thanks to the Polar Vortex.  It did not happen.  I feel like I have failed.

Lots of you have made New Year’s resolutions that have been affected by a myriad of circumstances…work, family, life events, the Polar Vortex!, or whatever.  Setbacks and challenges are a part of the race, part of life, part of the fun.  They are why achieving goals is not wrote, but something you have to work at.


Let’s get going again, face our fears (in this case of being terribly cold and feeling terrible, but getting it done), renew our commitment, re-energize ourselves, re-focus and remind ourselves of what we want to do and become.  Let’s bundle up, steel our minds and will, get out there, and become whom we want to be.  Watch out Polar Vortex, some determination is coming your way.

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