Pre Surgery Part Tres

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Okay, back to our story. I was really glad to get a ride in before the surgery since I didn’t know how long it would be until I could start riding again. I was not happy about this. We are in my favorite time of year to ride.

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The downside to the ride is a picked up a bit of a cold just a week before the operation. Coughing gave me a new respect for where the hernia was heading without treatment. I was finally feeling it and I didn’t like it. I also was feeling crappy and didn’t want to go to work but I had no choice. I was about to use up all my sick time in recovery. So I toughed it out. Besides, Halloween was coming. The lawn was decorated but not to the extent of previous years. We still had the neighborhood beat. Our hope is that by doing this every year the kids near us would start trick or treating again and we could really enjoy the holiday. This was the first year though that we didn’t have a party. A lot of friends have moved away lately and we just couldn’t get that into it. We did get a few groups of kids, maybe more than previous years. This is how the lawn looked:

Yes, fog machine and all. Anyway, by Sunday we were taking everything down quickly in anticipation of my surgery. I wouldn’t be able to help after Monday and we didn’t want to leave it up for a couple of weeks. Besides we decided that we would do Christmas up right this year and the lawn would need a breather. Next post, surgery day!

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