Proposed Corps of Engineers Campsite Closings 2012

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Article is from 2012

Photo by: Park Ranger Joe Harper Dam Site Park Trouble Island Swim Area (US Army Corps of Engineers)
Photo by: Park Ranger Joe Harper Dam Site Park Trouble Island Swim Area (US Army Corps of Engineers)

UPDATE: List of workshops here!

Quite the ruckus about the closing and cutbacks at some US Army Corps of Engineers Parks. This could effect some campers, boaters and other recreational lake users (boat ramps). A few points about this that I feel need to be covered. (Make sure to check out their news release.)

  • First, the plan is not written in stone, yet. Workshops are planned for Mountain Home, Heber Springs, Russellville and Ozark. Times, dates and exact locations have not been set. The Corps of Engineers says they will be talking to those concerned at these workshops and “tweaking” the plan.
  • Second, this is the Little Rock District only which does not include Lake Ouachita, Lake DeGray or Lake Greeson. Those lakes are managed by the Vicksburg District. I haven’t heard about cuts from them yet. Also these cuts are only at US Army Corps of Engineer parks, NOT Arkansas State Parks or local municipal parks.
  • Third, why close or reduce services at revenue producing sites? Because unlike our state and local park systems, the Federally managed parks put all their revenue into the great pot of money in Washington and it gets reallocated. This makes users an expense to these agencies and not a source of income. I’ve also been told that this is part of a 20% cut “across the board” meaning that other areas involving the management of the waterway systems are also being cut but they don’t have the direct and immediate affect on users and local tourism dollars that the campgrounds and parks have so they don’t find their way to the news as quickly or prominently.
  • Fourth, for the most part it looks like they are closing under utilized areas and areas prone to flooding (a very expensive repair item). The list of planned closures and cutbacks is at the bottom of the news release, if you see an area/facility that you use, get to the workshop.

Part of the mission of the US Army Corps of Engineers is to provide access and recreation to these lakes. To learn more about the US Army Corps of Engineers visit this page.


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  1. Please leave the Cane Creek recreation area alone, so many of us in this area use it countless times throughout the year. We have 2 yearly fish camps with over 40 people joining in, not to mention the daily trips with grandkids to fish and picnic. We mow our campsites as well as clean the restrooms and even take away our trash, we know it does flood at times and we allow for that. We can no longer camp at the Dublin Recreation Area so we go to Cane Creek. Our fish camp consists of mostly senior citizens that are on fixed incomes and most of them cannot afford to go elsewhere, we are not asking that you sink money into it, just leave it as it is.Thank you!

    1. Brenda, I didn’t see Cane Creek on the list bu I’d recommend going to the workshop in Ozark to learn more. I just added a link to the list of workshops at the top of the story (under the photo).

  2. I’m just asking that you don’t close down the camp sites at Cane Creek.My husband and I and our grandkids have always enjoyed our camping time there.We would even mow our campsite,we have before,never complained as long as we could camp and enjoy our time together.We like the fishing as does the grand kids.This community is like Brenda said,we would pull together on this matter.Even if you charged $10 per site,that would help with your expenses.Please let me know about you’re workshop,I would like to be there even if i have to take a vacation day. To me,Cane Creek is home away from home…Its the best place to camp and fish

    1. Like I said, you’ll have to talk to the US Army Corps of Engineers. We are a news and information site and are not affiliated with the Corps of Engineers or their campsites.

  3. I just found this page. I would like to know of closings so I can keep my list of camping places up to date. The links in the first paragraph are both giving me a runtime error. i see this is old news, but I would still like to see closings info. Thanks for your help.

  4. I’ve had it with gov. Cutting our camping facilitys. We need more not less and affordable camping so everybody can go.
    These private camp grounds are getting to expensive for some people. Enough of the crap more camp grounds.

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