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In our household, we often repeat the phrase, “Water always wins.” It started as a way to explain an important part of the natural world to the young one as in the question: Why is there a Grand Canyon? Answer: Because water always wins. Now she tends to repeat it back before we can make our proud statement. It is true. Water is a driving force on the planet, carving canyons, breaking rocks, forming land masses and taking them away. It’s pretty much what makes this a living planet.

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So last night the young one and I had planned to do some bike riding. She was going to try out her mother’s old mountain bike while I worked on bunny hops. Alas, rain! Now I’ve gone riding in the rain many times. It’s really no big deal as long as you are staying away from cars and you are not tearing up the singletrack but for what we had in mind, today, our plans were all wet. We chant the kids’ rhyme often, “rain, rain go away, come again another day.” So it was time for another day. It could have been worse. It wasn’t a weekend so the entire day wasn’t ruined just a couple of hours. Bike riding was replaced by some much-needed shoe shopping and getting homework done.

So to look on the positive side we can change the rhyme to, “rain, rain come today so I may play another day.” I hope that works so that come Saturday I can go play outside. Or at least work in the yard. Either way, it will be decided by the rain because “Water always wins.”

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