Broadway Bridge Ramp

Ramp accessible | City of Little Rock

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Broadway Bridge Ramp

The ramp connecting the Arkansas River Trail east of Broadway Bridge to the bridge will likely be accessible from here on out, but the ramps and associated work around the ramps (drainage, landscaping, etc.) are not yet complete (Fig. 1).

The ramp to the Arkansas River Trail west of the Broadway Bridge and the trail under the bridge are not yet complete (Fig. 2).  The connection to the ramp needs to be widened (Fig. 3).  Expect detours, delays, and narrow (and perhaps at times unpaved) access through the construction zones through different phases of this and other projects east of the ramp.  Understanding that, this connection should be open for the patient, intrepid commuter through the remainder of the construction period.  This is not yet a recreational corridor.  We are discouraging heavy traffic to facilitate construction of the ramps and associated projects and avoid user frustrations.  We are also asking users to exercise caution when walking or riding through this area. (more)

Source: Ramp accessible | City of Little Rock

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