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I wanted to share something that I just got from National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Traveler Blog.

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I went to college in Boston, and the city still holds a special place in my heart. From biking along the Charles River to wandering through Beacon Hill, going back always feels a bit like going home. So I was excited to hear that since I’ve left town, the city has been upping its eco-cred. In February, Popular Science ranked Boston the third greenest city in the country, thanks to its widespread recycling programs, public transportation (who doesn’t love the “T”?) and a proposed energy project that would capture methane gas from composted yard clippings and restaurant food scraps (watch a slide show explaining how it works here). The rankings compelled Mayor Menino to boast that “Beantown truly is Greentown,” and the moniker now manifests itself in a variety of ways.

Seems I’m not the only one who has noticed the bike friendly city recently. Check out what this company is doing in the city.

The Green Awards also cited a list of bike-friendly businesses, one of which is Urban AdvenTours, a five-year-old admittedly “crunchy” operation that offers bike tours through the city’s eclectic neighborhoods. But what distinguishes them is that they have a truck (which runs on grease) that will deliver bikes to your hotel so you can explore without needing to rent a car (cost for delivery, bike, and helmet rental are $50). Some hotels offer the service through their valet (apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio was a recent customer), but the company will deliver bikes 24/7 to wherever you need and can also create private family or group tours. And, they now offer a Fenway Valet for riders looking to park their wheels while watching the Sawx. Company founder Andrew Prescott tells us that with high gas prices, they’ve seen a surge in interest this season, so it’s best to book your tour a few weeks in advance.

Boston is truly a model for what other cities including my own should be doing. To read the entire article click here: Beantown is Greentown.

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