NWA Razorback Regional Greenway

Realigning the NWA Razorback Regional Greenway

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The City of Bentonville is excited to announce that the realignment of the Razorback Regional Greenway at I-49 is underway. Throughout the construction of the interstate, the Greenway has been cut in two, leaving many users unable to commute and ride recreationally between the northern city limits and many destinations in Bentonville. By working diligently with our partners at the Northwest Arkansas Trailblazers to design and build a new and improved greenway connection, the result will provide a safe, physically separated space for cyclists, runners, walkers, and all other trail users in Bentonville.

Razorback Regional Greenway Realignment.
Razorback Regional Greenway Realignment.

The estimated time of completion for construction will be a minimum of six months, but external factors such as weather could result in delays. This Razorback Greenway will remain open during this timeframe – with occasional construction closures. Please follow @playbentonville and @WeAreTrailblazers for information pertaining to brief closures and detours. Millstone Construction Company is handling the work for the project. CEI was responsible for project engineering. Funding was made possible by the Walton Family Foundation and Federal Transportation Alternatives.

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According to a November 2022 quote in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by Hunter Garrison, bike and pedestrian planner for the city. “We have received $1.25 million in federal funding from the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission and the Arkansas Department of Transportation; these grants are part of an 80/20 match program,” Garrison said. “The Walton Family Foundation is giving a grant of $505,452 for the 20% match. The total project cost is $1,755,452. Taxpayers pay zero.”


CEI just provided this updated alignment, It looks like the route will be a bit more shaded.

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Updated southern section alignment.
Updated southern section alignment.


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  1. Is there any update or news about this section of the Greenway that has been chopped up because of the Walmart home office construction. There is really no good detour around or any signage that tells you where to go other than going down sidewalks I’m busy roads and crossing over in front of the Bentonville high school football stadium into the Bentonville high school parking lot. Do we have to wait for the home office to be completely done

  2. More specifically between the Momentary museum area south to 14th street by the Walmart fitness center. Currently you have to go down J St. on a little sidewalk next to a very busy road and then cross it by the high school. I am not aware of any detour, signs or routes. Is there an estimated time of completion where are the Greenway will be connected again.

  3. Looks like you’re planning to cross Hidden Springs/Town Branch Creek just north of mile marker 38. How will this crossing be constructed? Will this be a bridge similar to the one near the Sun Kissed sculpture, or will it a creek crossing that can’t be used in inclement weather?

    Also, the loop around Bella Vista Lake makes a great walk from Bentonville. What is the status of replacing/rebuilding the bridge at the north end of BVL?

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