Remembering ArKAYAKansas

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12 years ago Lance Jones released a 45-minute long tribute and guide to whitewater in Arkansas. Sure the music is a bit dated but it still rocks. This is further proof that Arkansas is a true adventure state, yes we have serious whitewater.¬†With rain in the forecast this weekend, I’m sure that local boaters are ready to hit the creeks. If you’re coming from out of state, bring your bike, your backpack, your climbing gear and stay awhile.


This film features Arkansas boaters on some of the Natural State’s awesome whitewater rivers and creeks like Baker Creek, Cossatot River, Ouachita River and Richland Creek. Included are first descents of Long Branch, Wolf Bayou, Boen Gulf Branch and Clark Creek in Lost Valley, located in the Ozarks.

Arkayakansas from Lance Jones on Vimeo.


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