Road Ride!

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L and I went on a road ride. This was my first time on the road bike in about 10 weeks. I’ve only been on a bicycle once since the operation 8 weeks ago and that was a little 10 miler on pavement with the full suspension mountain bike. Today, 22 miles on the river with the roadie.

It started out cold but I warmed up quickly. I’m glad I remembered to switch out my summer inserts to my winter inserts pre-ride.

Searcy County - Witts Springs

Anyway, we did the BDB, road through Burns Park, did a quick (ha,ha) ride up Ft. Roots then to the NLR riverfront and back the way we came to Murry Park. I was tired and my legs are still feeling the burn. This used to be an easy ride. It will take me some time to get back into some kind of shape. No problems at all with the operation.

I’m Back!

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