Searcy County Waterfall
The Ultra Trail Series encompasses a number of AURA races and fun runs. Individual points are awarded for each event completed, based on the UTS Rules. Male and Female – Open, Master, Senior, and Super-Senior winners (Kings/Queens of the Trail) are crowned at the completion of the series each year, based on point totals.
Some of the UTS races are low-key, no-fee, no-frills, minimal aid events (a.k.a. “fun runs”), while others are full-fledged races. Please plan and prepare accordingly.
Points standings are published regularly in the AURA newsletter. Sure, you can see them on the website too, but don’t be a bum–join the club and get the newsletter.


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Arkansas Outside is NOT the owner or organizer of these events (unless otherwise noted). We aggregate these events into this one place to allow our readers a chance to see what outdoor recreation events are going on around the state. There is no need for FOMO when playing outside.

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