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Some great advice no matter what trails you are enjoying. See the links at the bottom for specific rules for the Arkansas River Trail. Please share this post with other trail users and thanks to the City of Little Rock for reminding us to share the trails.

BikePed trails, like the Arkansas River Trail, are a great local resource and are heavily used by different types of users (Fig. 1).  How can rollerbladers, dog walkers, joggers, children, families with strollers, joggers, bicyclists and walkers all safely and comfortably all use the same space?  The Arkansas River Trail has its own trail etiquette and the Rails to Trails Conservancy has some good general advice:

1) Use Safe Speeds

2) Keep right, pass left

3) Standing Still?  Stand Aside.

4) Mind Your Pets

5) Be Alert

6) Know and Follow the Rules

Searcy County Winter Accommodations.

For rules for the Arkansas River Trail, click here.

For rules in City of Little Rock parks, click here.
Source: Sharing BikePed Trails | City of Little Rock

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One Response

  1. Where are the trail rules posted????
    There use to be a big sign with trail rules such as dog on leash, etc before the parking lot and two rivers bridge was built!!
    Now, all I see that walkers behave like it’s a sidewalk just for them and their dogs not a trail for other people. Dogs are sometimes on leash but the leash is 40 feet long!!!!
    The white markings on the trail and the bridges are almost gone. All new people don’t know how and where to walk. Re paint please!!!!! I see so many walkers/runners walking in the middle of the trail, ignoring everyone else!
    Little Kids are let go on the trail like if it’s their living room. The parents need to be responsible and told to keep their kids right next to them not 40 feet away swinging left and right amongst 100s of bicycles!!!! The parents are leaving their own kids at the mercy of bicyclists, that is and should be criminal. Like leaving kids in the middle of a highway!!!
    Walkers on the trail should be to told with “the sign “ to look before they turn. I have seen so many near miss accidents when walkers decide to turn right when bicycles are passing.

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