She’s Back!!!

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(I noticed that the last couple of posts were about weather. How boring. So I’ll now move on to important things, GEAR!)

The Community Bicyclist

My mountain bike is out of the shop. She was only in for a couple of days but since she has not been feeling right lately it seems like she was broken for a while. Kind of like when you are sick but you keep putting off going to the doctor then finally you find yourself spending a couple of days in the hospital. My Giant NRS mountain bike has had almost no brakes for a while (brakes are overrated, they just slow you down) and the handle bars have always been a couple of inches too wide which made going between trees a little sketchy at times. Also, shifting was getting a little clunky.

I took her down to Chainwheel, our local bike shop, to get a going over. I have a new chain, an inch off each side of the handle bars and working disc brakes. She is all better and ready to roll. We’ve had a little rain lately (oops!, there’s that weather thing again) so it’s time to get out and get her dirty. If you hear a loud WOOHOO! that was me flying down the trail.

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