Something for the Mountain Bikers


I came across this video today. “Sh*t Mountain Bikers Say” I was in tears. Not only have I heard, said or done most of these things, the Canadian accents are awesome. You’ll be soooo stoked to watch this epic video. Enjoy.

Feel free to post a link on our Facebook page of your favorite mountain bike video. For videos from check out our You Tube Page. Now who’s ready for some gnarly climbs and heavy bombing this weekend?


All Sports Productions - Legend Highlands
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  1. This thing has gone viral. I’ve been seeing it everywhere, but it’s worthy. Very funny stuff. After sending it to my riding crew, one of my buds said they forgot one: “Am I all zipped up?”. Of course, this was a jab at me referring to how I always ask someone if my pack is zipped up before we get moving.

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