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Fayettechill is proud to be celebrating its Five Year Anniversary as a business. What started as a small business between friends in college has quickly grown into a very real outdoor community open to all who are moved and motivated by nature. Fayettechill was founded in Fayetteville, AR where it is headquartered in the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse at the base of Mt. Kessler. Between its homes in the Smokehouse and the newly opened Basecamp retail store on Dickson St., Fayettechill has seen substantial growth in 2014, in both its community and clothing presence throughout the region.


Fayettechill started what has been an amazing 5th year by winning the Arkansas Business’ “Business of the Year” award for small businesses. They followed this award with their biggest expansion to date, opening up in Fayetteville, WV and in a flurry of new southern states: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Fay to Fay from Fayettechill on Vimeo.

Continuing into the summer, Fayettechill launched its first line of cut-and-sew short sleeve shirts and shorts, solidifying the company as a head-to-toe clothing outfitter. They ended the Summer with a now traditional outdoor festival celebrating the Ozarks in End of Summer Daze.

EOSD from Fayettechill on Vimeo.

August also included the launch and successful completion of their first Kickstarter campaign, during which they raised over $30,000 to crowdsource their Journeyman Dry Bag backpack. In September, they opened Basecamp 2.0, a new and improved retailer store located in the heart of Dickson and downtown Fayetteville.



Suffice to say, its been a busy fifth year for Fayettechill, and they are winding it down with a special sale on some of their more popular designs from years past. Check out all things Fayettechill at or link directly to the Classic Collection sale here. To check out their video story, visit their Vimeo page. To tap into the lifestyle culture, take a stroll over to their blog or Instagram. Whatever the route, checking in with Fayettechill is sure fire way to get excited about and to connect with an up-and-coming Arkansas company that is taking the Central and Southeast region by storm.

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Click to enjoy the 5 Year Sale.
Click to enjoy the 5 Year Sale.



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