Ouachita Trail 50 – 2013

In the early morning darkness, the flashlights and headlamps bobbing through the parking lot, a hundred and fifty odd runners plus their support teams, families and friends milled about collecting race bags and bib numbers and waiting for Race Director and Queen of all things Ouachita 50 Chrissy Ferguson, to give her expletive punctuated pre-race instructions. Basically, stay on the trail, watch … [Read more...]

Hazel Valley Gran Prix. Because It Feels Good When You Stop.

I enjoy hilly rides.  I wouldn’t have shipped my bike to the West Coast, paid for plane tickets, and used vacation to go out for the 2011 Ride of the Immortals if not.  Climbing hills to me seems one of the purest forms of biking.  It’s just you and your fitness versus the road ahead.  There’s also a certain element of solitude about climbing hills, which I think is another reason I like them so … [Read more...]

Ouachita Trail 50 – 2012

Would you run 50 miles of some of  the most beautiful trail in Arkansas? What if it was just 50 kilometers? Most people, even seasoned athletes would say that kind of distance is intimidating, but 175 people thought it sounded like a great way to spend a Saturday. I had thought that I might be one of them this year but instead of running I would be lying in wait at the end of the first big hurdle … [Read more...]