Pssst…Don’t Tell Everyone About This Ride!

(From an article I wrote in February of last year for Arkansas Abroad...some updates have been made) Easily riding along a natural bench trail, crossing the occasional stream I wind my way out of another hollow, the steep climb to get here is nearly forgotten, nearly. Pedaling past unique rock outcroppings and ancient trees I’m feeling glad that I brought my bike on this trip to the Ozarks … [Read more...]

What is Adventure Racing?

The video below does a great job of explaining Adventure Racing. It was made by a group promoting a series of adventure races in New England. Adventure racing has been in Arkansas since the 1990's. The first that I know of was the Ozark Challenge which I first competed in back in 1999. (Seems like a long time ago.) In October I reported on the 11th year of Raid The Rock Adventure Race. We have … [Read more...]

Dirty Girls Revisited

After writing Dirty Girls, I had an opportunity to see my first Cyclocross race: the Turkey Burn at Allsop Park.  Along with a morning of witnessing awe inspiring feats of athleticism and competitive spirit, I got a little bit of vindication in my assertion that yes, women are getting into extreme sports, even here in Arkansas where some would expect that it should lag behind places like Utah and … [Read more...]

If you can’t decide… it all. I really enjoy cycling, but I also enjoy swimming (the "sport" of my youth) and hiking and orienteering and paddling and sometimes even running. I also enjoy competition so how do I choose what kind of event to focus on? Well, luckily, I don't have to. Arkansas is a wonderful place to participate in multi-sport competitions. The obvious multi-sport event is the triathlon. Varying … [Read more...]

Giving you more stuff…

We wanted to give outdoor participants a little something extra and came up with an idea. When we are covering a race or other outdoor event we sometimes go all camera happy, sometimes taking hundreds of photos. We only use a few for our articles and so we have created some rather large libraries of photos. Not all are gems but they may be worth something to the participants. They are great for … [Read more...]

Dirty Girls

According to the research at Outdoor Industry, the likely representative of one who describes themselves as an outdoor recreation enthusiast would be a caucasian male, with at least some college education, making more than $75,000 a year, and married or living with a significant other. Recently I noticed a one paragraph blurb in one of those fitness magazines geared toward women that pointed out  … [Read more...]

Attila strikes again…

UPDATE: Race Results are in and 65 photos are available on Google+ and Facebook. If I was asked what my top 5 favorite mountain bike trails in the state are, Cedar Glades at Hot Springs would be on it. I've been riding those trails for something like 8 years. They are fun and flowy with some nice technical sections, a few heart stoppers, some sweet, long downhills and all in a beautiful … [Read more...]

Mud Slinging

By Lisa Mullis Arkansas in autumn is not only resplendent with color from the changing of the leaves but there is not a weekend that is lacking a long list of events on the Things To Do in Central Arkansas calendar. In October the State Fair comes to Little Rock, there are bicycle races and charity rides, 5Ks galore, Harvest Fests, Boo at the Zoo, and Chili Cook-Offs. Another time-honored … [Read more...]

Raid The Rock 2011

UPDATE: Results are in for 2011 Raid the Rock. You can also get splits here. And if you're wondering where some of these teams came from check out this. By 2000 I'd done a couple of adventure races which at that time made me, in the minds of some, an old hand at it. I had orienteering skills, a hydration pack and a mountain bike. A new adventure race was coming down the pike and a friend … [Read more...]

Bikes, Bridges and Beer (and Baseball?)

The Arkansas River Trail in Little Rock and North Little Rock is a transportation corridor. That's right, it allows access by bike or foot to all kinds of great venues not just during the day but also at night. For instance, Saturday night, Dickey-Stephens Ballpark in North Little Rock played host to the 9th Annual Little RocktoberFest. This annual gathering of home brew aficionados, local brew … [Read more...]