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Promises Made, Promises Kept

We make promises to ourselves every day; little pledges that we are going to do something good for ourselves. We make those pacts when we are alert and clear-headed – I’ll

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Arkansas Cycling & Fitness.

The Plan Broke

It was such a good plan. Things were coming together perfectly. All the pieces were falling into place. It was going to be the big return to bike racing. It

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Heart Breaker and Soul Shaker

Heart breaker soul shaker I’ve been told about you Steamroller midnight shoulder What they been saying must be true – Nazareth Nope, doesn’t make much sense to me, but back

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The Community Bicyclist

A Tough Course on a Perfect Day

The Slaughter Pen Jam has a full schedule of events happening over the three day run but the centerpiece of the festival is the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series Cross Country race on

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Did we say they were moving fast?

Three Days of Fatty Fest

Over the last several years, we’ve covered just about every Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series venue the cross country series has descended upon; Devil’s Den, Slaughter Pen, and Burns Park

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Springtime in the Timberlands

For the second year in a row, on May 10th, a little mountain bike race in an unlikely place will start off the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series. Most of

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A Change of Season at Fossil Flats

We arrived at Devil’s Den State Park on Friday, unprepared. Just a week earlier, I participated in one of the hottest mountain bike races of the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship

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