Syllamo’s Revenge 2013

(Update: We now have video posted from the race...Enjoy.) I have a cruel streak, I'll admit it. It may be why I enjoy covering cyclocross races so much. In fact, I enjoy covering just about any outdoor event where the odds of getting a photo of the perfect "pain-face" are in my favor. Not that I'm a total sadist, I'm usually willing to join in the masochistic endeavour to see what pitiful look … [Read more...]

CHAINWHEEL’S 2013 Slobberknocker MTB Challenge

The 2013 edition of Chainwheel’s Slobberknocker MTB Race and Tour was a huge success!  Racers and Riders from Arkansas and several surrounding states lined up at 8:20 to receive last minute details and then cast-off at 8:30 for a neutral rollout through Perryville, down Hwy 9, up Thornburg Mountain, and finally, onto the dirt for a long day in the Ouachita Mountains. Approximately 140 … [Read more...]

Guts and Glory on the Ouachita Challenge

What do you get when you combine an International Mountain Biking Association "Epic" trail with part of one of the longest hiking trails in the mid-west, attach them with gravel and paved roads to create a 60 mile loop in the middle of the Ouachita Mountains? You get the leg smoldering, glute searing, ego busting Ouachita Challenge. When mountain bikers from out of state ask local riders where to … [Read more...]