Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series

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I missed again

I’ve been riding the trails at Cedarglades for over 10 years, I helped lay out an adventure race course there, covered two 6-hour mountain bike races, a couple of running

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Adventure Ozark 8-Hour Adventure Race
Doing a Wheelie at the top of Heart Attack like a BOSS.

Attila 2012

As I sat in the woods, watching  the autumn leaves falling gently on the trail,waiting on the racers to make their first climb up Heart Attack Hill, I couldn’t help but wish

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Exploring your inner strength.

Return to Iron Mountain

Jerry – “How you doin’ up there?” Me – “Hurtin’” Jerry – “Well you’re ridin’ good.” This was the discussion about 5 minutes before Jerry passed me on the initial climb at

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Slaughter Pen Jam 2012

We arrived in Northwest Arkansas for the latest race in the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series early Friday evening, just as the heavens were about to open up. The weather forecasters

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Riverside Classic XC Race 2012

Ahhhhhh….late July in Arkansas…steamy. But that didn’t stop the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series from rolling into North Little Rock this weekend. The Riverside Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by

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