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Welcome to the Party

This weekend I attended a party and a bike race broke out. Okay it was actually billed as a bike race, but I’ve been to this annual event and it

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Arkansas Cycling & Fitness.
Run up or Mash, what's it going to be?

The Asher Grand Prix

Most of the cyclocross events we cover are a part of the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series, always great events with many familiar faces. This past weekend brought us the 2nd

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Searcy County Waterfall
Heather Ladd makes her way across the grassy hill.

Sinking into a Landfill

There are few things that suck the momentum from your tires like landfill grass. Cedarglades Park, built around the Garland County Landfill near Hot Springs is a beautiful area, but

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Angry Dave's Flying Ad

Suiting Up

For some time now I’ve been a spectator and appreciator of cyclocross. It is sometimes like watching an intricate dance, the rider and the bike in a complex pas de deux,

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A Proper Introduction to the Series

The forecast called for rain and cooler temperatures. Considering the fickle nature of Arkansas Fall weather, you never know what to expect for the Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series. To start the

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Well Ring My Bell

Cowbell that is. Cyclocross. Do it wrong, and it’ll be the coldest, muddiest, most painful hour of your life. Do it right, and it’ll be the coldest, muddiest, most painful

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A nice dip before leaving the woods for the second time on the course.

Smoke-N-Suds 2013

Cyclocross races are always worth the trip, whether just across town or halfway across the state, I’m never disappointed by the action of one of my favorite spectator sports on

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The Battle for Western Hills

The bikes slowly arrived at the defunct golf course, many caked in mud and grass from the night before, their owners still dragging a bit from the skirmishes held at

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