Arkansas Trail Running Series

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Trail runs give you wings.

It Takes a Village

The Arkansas Trail Run Series isn’t new, I think this is my third year of participation, but it needs to grow. And to grow  the word needs to spread so

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Shift Modern Cyclery - Be Ready To Ride.
For others, there is a relaxed joy and plenty of time to smile for the camera.

The Wearin O’ The Green

There was no green beer, no corned beef or cabbage, no bagpipes or skipping leprechauns but there were runners in the field, ready to hit the dirt and rocks. Some

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2013 Cadron Trail Run

It was a cold, grey February morning. The ground was wet from recent rains and the cold air felt like it was holding the dampness all around you. A slight

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Searcy County Waterfall
Scott matched up his attire nicely.

Scout Trail Run

What makes 60 people get out in 40 degree damp weather on a Saturday morning? The promise of the feel of dirt and rocks under their feet, the promise of

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Race the Base, The Director’s Cut

Preparing It took weeks of planning, endless phone calls to vendors and suppliers, enlisting friends to lend help and support, all for a couple of hours of chaotic activity and

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Fleet Feet Little Rock
Must be fun.

It’s Over. Let’s Do It Again.

In February, I signed up for this season’s first run of the Arkansas Trail Running Series. The series continued with  runs in March and April and the final championship run scheduled

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Trail Running: First Race of 2012

UPDATE! The Results are In! The site of the opening run of the DLT Multisport Arkansas Trail Running Series this year was at Cadron Settlement Park in Faulkner County near

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