Drinking with Sasquatch

(Sponsored post, Free Jerky!) “…The crisp/dry flavor of the beer actually enhances the beef jerky. Devoid of an overabundance of added flavorings, the simplified jerky becomes a salty treat; washed away quickly by the acidity of the beer, simply wonderful.” - Mitch Drinking with Sasquatch Last month Arkansas Outside began receiving solicitations to do reviews on various books, outdoor … [Read more...]

You Want to Live Here…or at Least Visit

A couple of videos came into focus for me during the past couple of days. One promoting the mountain bike lifestyle that can be had in Northwest Arkansas (thanks to the OZ Trails website). The second came from the city of Little Rock based on a the Travels with Darly television show. This one shows a lot of the reasons I enjoy living in the capital city. Arkansas has really changed the last … [Read more...]

Gran Fondo: Italian for Will Ride for Food

Gran Fondo loosely translates to long distance or big ride or something like that, but considering my experience is limited to two years of the Little Rock Gran Fondo, I say it means will ride for food, and possibly beer. Ben E. Keith food distributors is one of the principal partners in the LR Gran Fondo. Part of the appeal of the Fondo format is the relative luxury of aid stations stocked not … [Read more...]

Double Barrels of Fun

Have you ever watched the biathlon in the Olympics and thought, “ Wow! That would be so cool to do, but on a mountain bike?” If so, you’re not alone. The mountain bike biathlon dream came alive in all its glorious splendor on April 11 with the Double Barrel near Bentonville. For you non-Olympiads, the biathlon is a winter sport that pairs cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. As in, you ski … [Read more...]

The Inaugural Brewha Bushwhack

It’s March 21st early on a Saturday morning at Byrd's Adventure Center, the day is just getting started and it’s still a bit cold with the sun behind the clouds. There is excitement in the air, no one knows quite how this event is going to go. Race organizers Pack Rat Outdoor Center kept everything very secret. All the teams are in front of the pavilion anxiously waiting for Rick to call the teams … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Beer

Most of you probably remember that Vino's Brew Pub created a wonderful beer that they called, Arkansas Outside Amber. It has been immensely popular among our readers both times they put it into the brewing rotation. The Brew master, Josiah Moody, first concocted the elixir last October and more recently in February. We can't wait for it to make another appearance. Recently, Arkansas Life … [Read more...]

Biketoberfest 2013

We ride, we love it and it shows. That's the Chainwheel Advantage. Little Rock’s award winning Chainwheel bike shop sponsored an afternoon of Bikes, Beer, Music, Art and Fun on Sunday October 13th.  Other area bike related businesses like Ron King’s fantastic Recycle Bikes for Kids program were on hand to support the afternoon’s activities as well. Recycle Bikes for Kids has been providing … [Read more...]

How We Got Beer

I like beer. Let me rephrase, I like good beer or better yet, I like good local beer and that's how this bit of craziness started. The story of how Arkansas Outside Amber came about is fraught with dreams; the mysterious appearance of friends; strangers coming to the aid of brew deprived adventure writers; magic penmanship and the onslaught of cool October evenings. It all started back in the dog … [Read more...]

Biketoberfest – Little Rock River Market

The Little Rock River Market, Chainwheel and Recycle Bikes for Kids will present the inaugural Biketoberfest event featuring Bikes, Beer, Music, Art and Fun on Sunday, October 13 at the River Market Pavilions from 1pm to 3pm, and will close the event with a Rockabilly Fun Ride at 3pm through downtown Little Rock. Event elements include the Rat Rod Build-off and Silent Auction. Builders have … [Read more...]

Gee Thanks

Shortly after Lisa and I arrived at Cedar Glades Park for the Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race yesterday, Mike Simmons of Team Spokes approached me and said he had something for us. Thinking I had left something sitting around somewhere or loaned someone something I'd forgotten about I told Mike to just put it in the back of the truck. I'm an idiot. After the race we realized that the gang … [Read more...]