What if?

For Eleven years now, I've attended the Governor's Conference on Tourism. Over this time, I've made three presentations, the first was on using social media in tourism and hospitality businesses. I did one on bicycle friendliness a few years ago. It was well received but there was a lot more ground work to do in the field. Since then Arkansas found itself listed as 50th in bicycle friendliness in … [Read more...]

2014 Bike & Hike for ALS

There is something really special that happens on the morning of the ALS Bike and Hike. Most days, as cyclists, we air up our tires, ice down our water bottles, and fill up our jersey pockets with “fuel.” But on this odd morning, we also pack up some tennis shoes and a ball cap for a mid-ride hike up Pinnacle Mountain. Let me tell you, it is a challenging event, but the sweet view from the top … [Read more...]

Ode to the Dogs in Friendship, Arkansas

Now, Texas dogs will cut down a 20 mph cyclist like an antelope. Yessir. Lusting for the hyper-oxygenated blood from an engorged calf those Texas dogs calculate the angle like a blue-chip defensive back under the Friday Night Lights and they’ll come after you. And if they can catch you, they’ll eat you down to your teeth, hair and eyeballs and floss their teeth with the sweaty lycra you … [Read more...]

Women on Wheels – A different ride club

I have a dream that women will take to the streets on two wheels wearing skirts or jeans. They will wear pretty shirts and long flowing  scarves and carry loaves of French bread and fresh flowers in a basket on the front of their bikes. They will pull trailers full of sweet babies and teach their young ones to ride to school. I also dream that at the next criterium or mountain bike race I go to, … [Read more...]

Arkansas River Trail System

From MetroPlan - Community leaders will gather Friday, June 1, at 10:00 am on the Little Rock side of the Big Dam Bridge to sign “A Memorandum of Understanding,” establishing the Arkansas River Trail System. As a part of the ceremony bicyclists will parade across the Big Dam Bridge from the North Little Rock side. If you plan to ride in the parade, you need to arrive at the North Little Rock … [Read more...]

A Trickle of Information…

UPDATE 2!! It's official, the city of Little Rock did NOT get the Tiger III grant that was the cornerstone to "closing the loop" on the Arkansas River Trail. The full list of grant winners is available here. UPDATE! Looks like the Mayor (and all of us) will lose out on the grant that would have made this a reality. I got an "unofficial" update this morning from Transportation Issue Daily that … [Read more...]