The Impossible Dream – The Big Dam Bridge is 10 Years Old

Imagine thinking that 5 years after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, a public space would open up on top of a federally managed dam. It was a time when most federal facilities were made off limits to the public. Fences had been put up. tours ended, the country was hunkering down, protecting itself from another attack. It is easy to think of this project being cancelled, no one would … [Read more...]

Rock Run 8k: Staying Ahead of Them Old Muddy Waters and a Return to Running 101

Injury is what you make of it.  It can be an opportunity to take stock and plan your comeback or a prolonged period of sour grapes. This time around, I felt a bit of both. After a hard winter season of completing three marathons in the space of 64 days, I found myself lame and unable to run without pain. It was the same injury that fell a cocky new half marathoner five years ago when he thought he … [Read more...]

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Hits a Bollard

The first Saturday in April started unlike most Saturdays of the past three and half years, there was no 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. alarm. The car was not already packed with biking, running, or paddling gear. The cameras weren't on the chargers and although there were several events that we could have attended or participated in, we decided to enjoy the day by cycling with friends. Our foursome of … [Read more...]

From Behind the Aid Station Table

A wall of spandex clad, sweaty people, heads encased in helmets, eyes hidden by sunglasses, swarmed the table like a zombie horde. Instead of "Brains!", they were after peanut butter & jelly, Gatorade, and pickles. At just after 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, the mobile Arkansas Outside office pulled off of Hwy 10 and onto the triangle of grass at the intersection of Hwy 113. The signs … [Read more...]

Fighting Red 5K

The 2nd Annual Fighting Red 5K: A Race to End Blood Cancer took place on Saturday September 13th. We have a follow up from Race Director Colin Hall. The second Fighting Red 5K race was a great success. The weather was cool and pleasant and we had a great turnout. Before runners left the starting line, Deedra Wilson from Fox16 kicked things off with a few facts about blood cancers. … [Read more...]

Spreading Peace, Love, and Goodwill

On Saturday May 10th, runners gathered to spread the peace, love, and goodwill of the sport that gives them wings and to support the inaugural Peace, Love, and Goodwill 5K for Goodwill Industries of Arkansas. Runners were promised a good time and a good run that would help Goodwill Industries accomplish the objective of giving the community a hand up. Goodwill Industries of Arkansas helps people … [Read more...]

Cyclofemme 2014, Wheels of Change

UPDATE: Information for the 2015 Central Arkansas Cyclofemme Event is available here. May 11th, 2014 marked the day Arkansas Outside hosted Central Arkansas's third Cyclofemme ride. Fulfilling a mission as important as encouraging and empowering more women to get on their bikes and ride could be a full time endeavor. While we continue striving to share the love of cycling as well as running, … [Read more...]

The Inaugural 3 Bridges Marathon

There was a time when if a cyclist or pedestrian wanted to cross the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock, the options were limited to the Main Street or Broadway bridges downtown or the interstate bridges on the east and west edges of town. Then the Big Dam Bridge opened, connecting  west Little Rock to Cook's Landing in North Little Rock. The popularity of that access helped … [Read more...]

Where did all those bikes come from?

It's hard to tell where all the bikes that were ridden in the 2013 Big Dam Bridge 100 were from but we do have an idea of where the riders came from. It's also tough to figure out the actual economic impact of an event of this size but let's think about a few things. First, between all the rides from the 15 mile to the 100 mile there were 2,746 participants. That's over 5000 pedals, 5000 wheels, … [Read more...]

The Fighting 5K: A Race to End Blood Cancer

(Colin Hall, Race Director for the Fighting Red 5K this past weekend sent us some information on just how the race went.) On October 5, 2013 the Inaugural Fighting 5K was held at the Big Dam Bridge in North Little Rock. The weather was cool, cloudy, and misty but nothing seemed to have dampened the spirits of anyone that day. Lisa Fisher of B98 kicked things off with a rundown of the … [Read more...]