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TAO - The Jones Center
Bike control, mallet control and keeping an eye on the other players makes for a very intense game.

Battle Royale

Bike polo is one of the lesser known biking-related activities out there.  Chances are, you wouldn’t even know it existed unless you know someone who actually plays it.  It’s got

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Tweed Ridin', Polo Playin', CARVE Racin', Charlie. Charlie also has mad skills that allows us to spend more time riding at night.

A Great Community

The “in-crowd” has always eluded me. As a kid I moved around a lot and usually the best I could do was pick up a couple of friends that would

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Fleet Feet Little Rock, now hiring.

You Might Need a Helmet Sir…

…yes, that’s what she said as I prepared for my first attempt at bike polo. Late Tuesday afternoon I received a Facebook notification that at 7 p.m. folks would be meeting at MacArthur

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