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The Clash of Cultures

One of the most interesting aspects of the growth of the bicycling culture in Central Arkansas takes place when it rubs up against the existing norm of our cities. The

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Fleet Feet Little Rock, now hiring.
The 180 Degree Turn.

Spectator Friendly Bike Racing

Back in the late 1800’s bicycles were the rage in Central Arkansas and throughout the country. I’ve even found newspaper reports of bike races in downtown Little Rock during that

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Norfork Adventure Supply
Bike Racing in Central Arkansas

Don’t Despair

Sure, it’s an off day for the Tour de France but that is no reason to go nuts. You’re sitting there at the computer searching through all the options I

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Ozark Outdoor Supply Gift Guide
Alex takes the pack through a turn.

I Feel the Need, The Need for…

…SPEED! It’s time again for the Dr. Feelgood Ronde van Burns Criterium Series. I have a habit of calling this the NASCAR of cycling. I’ll probably continue to call it that

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Marshall "Major" Taylor


Last night I attended a local high school production at the Clinton Presidential Library commemorating the Negro Baseball Leagues and integration in Major League Baseball. It was a nice tribute

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