The Clash of Cultures

One of the most interesting aspects of the growth of the bicycling culture in Central Arkansas takes place when it rubs up against the existing norm of our cities. The meeting is often expected to be very negative; yet, when it finally happens it often has a positive outcome. Events this past weekend in downtown Little Rock and the South Main Street (SOMA) area exemplify this result. I was … [Read more...]

Spectator Friendly Bike Racing

Back in the late 1800's bicycles were the rage in Central Arkansas and throughout the country. I've even found newspaper reports of bike races in downtown Little Rock during that time. On Spring evenings, bicyclists would line up down around La Harpe and race through the streets in what is now the River Market area. Imagine the wonder of standing on a street corner watching as the single speed, … [Read more...]

Central ARkansas VElo – 2013 Kick Off Party

Every year Central Arkansas Velo (CARVE) has a new season kick off party for it's membership. CARVE, one of the older central Arkansas bike clubs has a mission based around recreational and team cycling: - Promote all levels of competitive racing throughout Arkansas and the mid-South - Support members interested in recreational cycling - Provide clinics and educational events for … [Read more...]

Don’t Despair

Sure, it's an off day for the Tour de France but that is no reason to go nuts. You're sitting there at the computer searching through all the options I showed you here and all you find are reruns. Before you start screaming and posting gibberish to your Facebook site about how the French are part of an "Axis of Evil", put your coffee down and remember that everyone needs a break on occasion. Well, … [Read more...]

How to Watch the Tour de France

This is not our normal post. We are normally advocating getting outside in Arkansas. We still are. We know it's hot and you may be tempted to stay in and may find yourself in front of the television. We just have an idea on a good way to spend that time. Enjoy. This is the layman's guide to watching the most popular cycling event in the world, the Tour de France. Why do you need a guide? … [Read more...]

I Feel the Need, The Need for…

...SPEED! It's time again for the Dr. Feelgood Ronde van Burns Criterium Series. I have a habit of calling this the NASCAR of cycling. I'll probably continue to call it that until I've totally annoyed all my friends. In reality it is one of those bike racing events like cyclocross that is very spectator friendly. (note to self: look into sponsoring a I first shot these … [Read more...]


Last night I attended a local high school production at the Clinton Presidential Library commemorating the Negro Baseball Leagues and integration in Major League Baseball. It was a nice tribute that mentioned other Black sports heroes like Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson and boxer Joe Louis. I couldn't help but notice that they missed the very first Black-American World Champion. In 1899, 37 … [Read more...]

The weather in Arkansas is always perfect for something.

I ventured out this morning into the cold, wet day to check out another form of bike racing. I've seen photos and video of these kinds of races, I've seen the special bikes on display at the local bike shops but I'd never actually been to a race. I have really been missing some cool stuff and great camaraderie among cyclists. I'm not going to go into the history of cyclocross here (this is a fun … [Read more...]