OZ Trails

From the Oz Trails Blog. One of the great things about Arkansas (other than super-sweet trails), ALL YEAR RIDING! We are very fortunate to have year-round riding here in the Ozark Mountains. While we do experience cold temperatures in January/February, they usually don’t stick around very long. For example, it is 71 degrees as I type this! The forecast is in the 60’s for the rest of this week and … [Read more...]

Crowd Sourcing the Marathon

This past weekend was the Little Rock Marathon and true to form, it was HUGE! We could have stationed people all over the place to do big coverage but plenty of media organizations were already doing that. We could have asked a friend to do a write up for us as we have in the past. But no, we chickened out and decided to follow a bunch of cycling friends in a new bike race just East of North … [Read more...]

Cool Stuff To Read and Watch…

Here are some cool links we found and wanted to share: How Tough Are You?  There are many good strategies to use when running the New York City Marathon. Throwing up at the start is probably not one of them. My friend Syd was in for a long day after he puked early in the 2011 race last November. He never got back the nutrients and water he’d lost, but kept running until Mile 18, around … [Read more...]