Boyle Park

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Dangerous Cliffs

The All-BUT-Carp Challenge

Every once in a blue supermoon, I get an idea in my head to do some unique, crazy-ass bicycle ride that’s never been done before.  3 years ago (the date

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Angry Dave's
Here is an old post card depicting a small water fall along Rock Creek in Boyle Park.

Boyle Revival

Back in the 1930’s under the direction of President Roosevelt, the Civilian Conservation Corps was formed. The “Tree Army” as it was referred to provided work and taught skills to

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Kirk and Chad pushing the Open race.

Burning off the Turkey

It was a beautiful day for the annual Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race last Sunday. That’s to say the weather was beautiful for pretty much any outdoor activity. After some of

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Andy has wings.

On the Dry and Dusty Trail

Arkansas is still in a drought. It was a very dry summer and the fall has not given us significant amounts of rain. This is not good for farmers, gardeners,

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