Burns Park

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Dangerous Cliffs

The All-BUT-Carp Challenge

Every once in a blue supermoon, I get an idea in my head to do some unique, crazy-ass bicycle ride that’s never been done before.  3 years ago (the date

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Searcy County - Witts Springs

Iron Mountain Saves the Day

The Riverside Classic Mountain Bike Race has taken place in the middle of Summer at Burns Park in North Little Rock for years. A 5 mile to 7 mile course

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Back and Forth and Back Again

When a race has been around as long as the Ark 5K (since 1983) it can go through some changes over the years, various names, sponsorships and venues. As the

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The Community Bicyclist

Pure Joy

Apparently I missed out on being asked the question of the day posed by Katie McManners at the Go!Mile, which was “What does being here today mean to you?”.  I

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Syllamo Events

There be dragons here

UPDATE: For 2015, the Dragon Boat Races will be at a new venue – More information. Last weekend I fully expected to go do a little mountain biking on a

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Where the rubber meets the road, that sharp edge as a wheel cuts a turn. A machine, parts moving, driven by the flesh and blood motor, all in chaotic motion

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A Story in Every Picture

Arriving at the soccer fields at Burns Park in North Little Rock early on Saturday morning, one of the first things that struck me was the number of people in

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Trail runs give you wings.

It Takes a Village

The Arkansas Trail Run Series isn’t new, I think this is my third year of participation, but it needs to grow. And to grow  the word needs to spread so

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