Burns Park

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The last time over the Big Dam Bridge.

100 Miles of Everywhere

I laugh at Fatty’s instructions. For those of you who don’t know who Fatty is congrats on having more important stuff to do than to cruise the internet reading odd blogs

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Another fast turn.

In the Middle of it All

This Friday night is the CARTI Criterium presented by CARVE at Burns Park. Come check out the races, bring a lawn chair and be ready to cheer on your favorite rider.

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My just-got-dropped-but-it's-okay face.

OMG! It hurts like hell!!!!

(Welcome Chris Randle to our stable of contributors. Chris rides for Team Spokes and was embedded in the crit race this past Wednesday night. He is also a Bike Nerd

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Arkansas Cycling & Fitness.
Alex takes the pack through a turn.

I Feel the Need, The Need for…

…SPEED! It’s time again for the Dr. Feelgood Ronde van Burns Criterium Series. I have a habit of calling this the NASCAR of cycling. I’ll probably continue to call it that

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Taking a Ride

Running around, trying to cover outdoor events in Arkansas often means spending lots of time in the truck driving all over the state. It really eats into time that I

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Once more into the mud!

UPDATE: Results are now available at Arkansas Cyclocross Blog! I’ve really enjoyed covering the 2011 Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Race Series (last week) (week before last) the last few weeks. Of course

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