Riding down the road…

...didn't always mean riding in a car. Lisa knows that I love maps and she came across this one earlier today. It's a circa 1901 map of California Roads for Cyclers.  It was obviously paid for through advertising by various bike shops, suppliers and builders, plus at least one hotel in San Jose. Can you imagine what it was like to go on a ride back then. I was actually born at an unmarked … [Read more...]

The Race Across America – Tarzan Rides

What do you ask a guy who just raced across the continent on a bicycle in less than 11 days? Lots of things. Kurt Searvogel (A.K.A. Tarzan, it's a college nickname that we probably shouldn't ask about.) of Sheridan, Arkansas just completed the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) finishing Seventh in the under 50 age group and the first American. RAAM sends racers almost 3000 miles from Oceanside, CA to … [Read more...]