Buffalo National River Proposes Camping Fee Increase

(From media release) Buffalo National River maintains numerous campgrounds throughout the park. They range from primitive with just vault toilets, no water, and no designated sites to developed areas with electric and water hookups for RV camping. The park last raised camping fees in 2013 and will hold a public comment period about possible camping fee increases in 2019. The park … [Read more...]

6 Arkansas Winter Destinations

We asked our readers where they want to be when Winter finally hits. Arkansas Winters can vary from snow and ice extremes to highs in the 60's. Either way, Arkansas offers it's own Winter beauty with big views, cool, quiet hollows and cold evenings perfect for enjoying a nice campfire or cabin fireplace. There were 6 destinations you chose as the best in Arkansas and they range from cabins with … [Read more...]

5 Places You Want to Camp This Fall

Our readers are obviously very generous with the inside scoop on the Natural State. We actually got them to let you know where some of the best camping is in the state. Of course, they  know to keep the details of the best Arkansas secrets to themselves, ensuring their continued access without the crowds. There are no specifics, gps coordinates or campsite numbers included here, but they did give … [Read more...]

An annual Father’s Day tradition on the Buffalo River and NO MOMS ALLOWED!

With Father's Day coming up, it's time for my annual Father's Day tradition.  For the past half decade, this has involved going on a father-child canoe camp out on the Buffalo National River.  There are only two rules for the weekend: 1) Absolutely, positively, NO MOM'S ALLOWED, and 2) You're not allowed to NOT have fun.  The tradition was started by a couple of friends of mine (Nate Siria and … [Read more...]

Stop. Hammock Time.

The list of activities includes bike rides, trail runs, hikes, rock climbing, yoga, disc golf, and chess. Accommodations include luxurious patches of earth upon which you may stake your tent or tie up your hammock. Weeks of increased duties at work and a long list of other stressors have me looking forward to a night under the stars with maybe even a fire to ward off the spring chill. Perhaps my … [Read more...]

Robin Williams and the Meaning of Spring

Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!" ~Robin Williams It's that time of year again, the time we all start to look forward to and start planning for those first days and nights of warmer weather. Let's not kid ourselves,  winter weather in Arkansas occasionally gives us warm days.  Ofttimes even very warm days that are typically followed by ice storms or tornadoes.  But we still look … [Read more...]

Urban Indoor Camping

If you Google indoor camping the likely images will be some Pinterest-like version of an imaginary cloth fairy land decorated with sparkling mason jar lamps, paper campfires, elaborate fabric yurts, multi room structures that in no way resemble the lopsided tents we made out of twin sized bedsheets over the air conditioning vent or off the sides of our bunk beds. Christmas Day 2012 we were … [Read more...]

Tent Nights

It's easy to get caught up in the numbers game. How much money, how much time, how many square feet. My favorite is tent nights. Every year I try to calculate how many nights I spent camping out. This year has been a good one so far, not only for camping in Arkansas but camping in general. I've spent nights cocooned in down and nylon in both West Virginia and Colorado. I've also spent some … [Read more...]

An Outside Dad

I don't believe that my love of the outdoors came naturally, it was more of a nurture thing I think. Before you scientists begin disagreeing with me or start up that whole nature vs. nurture argument, I remind you that I am no scientist but I know me. I'm a little nerdy and can spend hours in front of a computer, I've been known to veg out in front of a television and am well versed in Star … [Read more...]

Hemmed-In-Hollow Backpacking Trip 2011 – Part 2

If you're coming across this and haven't read part 1 yet then start HERE. It was a pretty restful night, I think the sound of the water in the nearby creek helped. We had decided the night before that this was going to be our hike out day. The original plan was to do some long day hikes and then spend another night but the thought of a strong chance of rain Friday night followed by a cool, wet … [Read more...]