Sleeping Under the Stars: Overnight Hikes in Arkansas

If you're dreaming of getting outside when the weather warms, why not dream of sleeping under the stars on an overnight or multi-day hike. There are plenty of trails in Arkansas with enough mileage for an exciting expedition that could be tame enough for families or adventurous enough for seasoned backpackers. I admit, I've been dreaming of campfires lately. Backpacking or sometimes just car … [Read more...]

Cane Creek Timberland Mountain Bike Race

Cane Creek State Park held the third Cane Creek Timberland Mountain Bike Race on Saturday, June, 27, 2015. After having been moved from earlier in May due to thunderstorms, the race had rain once again to contend with. Three-quarters of an inch of rain fell on the course overnight and raised fears that the course would be muddy, but the course withstood the rain and the race went on as planned. … [Read more...]

Springtime in the Timberlands

For the second year in a row, on May 10th, a little mountain bike race in an unlikely place will start off the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series. Most of the races in the series have taken place in the Ozark or Ouachita Mountains or Arkansas River Valley. The Timberlands Mountain Bike Race takes place right on the geological border between the Timberlands of southern Arkansas and the … [Read more...]

Timberlands Mountain Bike Race

(Thanks to Brent Findlay for sharing his write-up of the Timberlands Mountain Bike Race while the rest of the crew was playing in the mud. You can keep up with Brent on his blog, Hard and Harder.) Saturday brought the first organized mountain bike race at Cane Creek State Park in Star City, AR. It also brought a 70% chance of rain and as I loaded up my bike at 6am Saturday morning it was … [Read more...]

Here Comes the Sun

The weather today in much of the Natural State is not sunny. In fact, most of us are seeing some kind of frozen or freezing precipitation. But within 4 days, the forecast has temperatures reaching the 60s once again. According to NOAA, Arkansas has enjoyed the 18th warmest January on record since 1895. This is probably great news for the LR Marathon Training Group. How tough is it to get out of a … [Read more...]