‘The Canoe’: A Film Celebrating the Simple Joy of Paddling | Outside Online

The canoe, a preferred mode of adventure in Arkansas, come dip your paddle... The canoe may be the most iconic watercraft of all time, so it's easy to understand why filmmaker Goh Iromoto paid homage to this vessel in his recent film, The Canoe. The story is told from the perspective of paddlers across Ontario and underscores the connection between the human spirit and paddling canoes. As an avid … [Read more...]

Water, water….everywhere

Looks like a good time for a float... Shortly after the Whitewater Canoe & Kayak School on the Mulberry River a few weeks ago, several intrepid kayakers and open boaters took to a first run on the Cossatot River. Thanks to Jeff Gannon for this video from the float. cossatot first timers show 2014 from Jeff Gannon on Vimeo. Also, Kayak Arkansas and Arkansas Outside contributor, … [Read more...]

Moonlight on the Mississippi

I find peace on the water. There is a stillness in my soul as I slice a paddle through the smooth glassy surface of the water. My spirit is tranquil even when the river is turbulent. I see the reflection of the trees and the sky and imagine that dipping my head below the surface will take me to that inverted universe, like Alice through the looking glass. She and I both know that things are not … [Read more...]

Wet, Wild and Wonderful

Spending time with people who are in to and excited by outdoor recreation is a pleasure. Rarely is there boring talk of what's on television or what someone said did on an awards show the other night. There is not even much talk of spectator sports. The conversations tend to be about experiences: their experiences, a friend's experiences and sharing your experiences. What could be better than … [Read more...]

How to Spend the Last Day of Summer Vacation

Three things came together this weekend that created a once in a lifetime experience: a float on the upper Buffalo National River....in mid August. First-  for us August is a time to back off the Arkansas Outside push for awhile, time to spend a couple of weekends with the family and catchi up on chores around the house. It's the short rest we need before we dive into the craziness of outdoor … [Read more...]

Rollin’ on the River

Rollin' on the River for the 4th of July for us might have described our oft used River Trail route by bike but this year it meant getting one of our much neglected kayaks out of storage and loaded on the Arkansas Outside Mobile Office along with my new paddleboard. Friends and AO contributors Aly and Bryan Signorelli invited us to join a group that planned to paddle the Ouachita River from the … [Read more...]

A wet, wild morning in Little Rock

I'm pretty sure I've never raced in a rain as heavy as what we had today.  As we warmed up this morning, the sky to the west (upriver) was black.  Less than a minute after the gun went off, we slammed head-on into the deluge, and it felt like smacking into a liquid wall.  The rain came down in buckets for the entire race, and continued to do so through the awards ceremony, which was held under the … [Read more...]

Do You Rendezvous?

...well, you should. We don't have a lot of canoe and kayak events on the Arkansas Outside calendar for good reason. By default, denizens of the lakes and rivers of Arkansas are a spontaneous lot. Waiting for enough rain to turn a small creek into something that can be run by boat or a deluge that brings the Cossatot River to the perfect level for whitewater play. Sure you can always take a lake … [Read more...]

Olympic Feats

I grew up in a family that watched the Olympics religiously every four years. I even remember one year watching the Summer Olympics on a black and white television set in the driveway getting a signal from an antenna while I painted the garage door. Yes, I'm that old folks and yes, television was available without a monthly payment to anyone back then. Things change. I also spent most of my … [Read more...]

Arkansas River Canoe and Kayak Race 2012

Things have changed. Several years ago my son and I entered the Arkansas River Canoe and Kayak Race starting at the boat ramp in Burns Park and finishing at the boat ramp under the I-30 bridge. It was a pretty quick trip we raced in the Old Town canoe we had at the time and although I don't remember winning anything we had a great time. Back then a couple of  "serious" racers showed up in nice … [Read more...]