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The Clash of Cultures

One of the most interesting aspects of the growth of the bicycling culture in Central Arkansas takes place when it rubs up against the existing norm of our cities. The

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Angry Dave's

More Than Just a Slobberknocker

Many of us have grown to love certain events that take place in Arkansas; events that we wrap our personal and professional calendars around. Events that must be prepared for,

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Arkansas Cycling and Fitness
The 180 Degree Turn.

Spectator Friendly Bike Racing

Back in the late 1800’s bicycles were the rage in Central Arkansas and throughout the country. I’ve even found newspaper reports of bike races in downtown Little Rock during that

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Norfork Adventure Supply
The Slobberknocker

What is this Slobberknocker you speak of?

You may have noticed a race coming up in April called The Slobberknocker. It’s a funny name with a hard-hitting meaning: slobber-knocker n. especially in American football, a powerful collision or a

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Riverside Classic XC Race 2012

Ahhhhhh….late July in Arkansas…steamy. But that didn’t stop the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series from rolling into North Little Rock this weekend. The Riverside Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by

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