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The AO/Runners/CATA gang before all Hell broke loose.

From Behind the Aid Station Table

A wall of spandex clad, sweaty people, heads encased in helmets, eyes hidden by sunglasses, swarmed the table like a zombie horde. Instead of “Brains!”, they were after peanut butter

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Fleet Feet Little Rock, now hiring.

All Rise Century Ride

Court was in session Saturday as the All Rise Century Gavel came hammering down. After much deliberation the jury was deadlocked. All riders were relieved when the decision came down.

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100 Miles of Arkansas

My  road cycling cred has been sinking. The last road cycling event I participated in was the Cross Winds Classic more than a year and a half ago. That experience

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The Fall 100

100 is a good round number, an impressive number when matched with feats of strength, skill and endurance. It’s the number of bottles of beer on the wall when you

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Shift Modern Cyclery
Ride Jersey

Get Over It!

What a day for a ride! The sixth installment of the Big Dam Bridge 100 seems to have gone off with few problems. My wife and I opted for the

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