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He sees you when he’s training

This year Santa has decided to forgo the sleigh giving the reindeer a break. Years of eggnog, fruit cake, sugar cookies, and that period of time when he was schlepping

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Fleet Feet Little Rock
22 Days of Christmas

The 22 Rides of Christmas

(Update: It’s now 22 rides) Following the grand spectacle of the International Mountain Bicycling Association World Summit in Bentonville, Arkansas is not an easy task. Letting the world in on the

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NWACC - Trail Tech

Stuff Your Stocking

It’s that time of year when many of us are scrambling to finish our holiday shopping or picking up those little treats to fill the stockings of friends and family.

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Not sure how to interpret this. Any ideas?

Alternatives and Traditions

We have a few traditions around our household. Most are in some way wrapped around Halloween, we are a little obsessed with the heinous day. Another tradition is the Christmas

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Spillway Waterfall

Carrying on the Tradition

Well it was another Christmas Day with time saved for a little tradition that Lisa and I have, the Christmas hike. For some reason we often end up in a state park.

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An Outdoor Reminder

It’s easy to get caught up in the recreation outside, particularly if you’re competing. For an athlete, being focused is the name of the game when trying to optimize your

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An Outside Christmas

Christmas is a special time for us. We are not really into a lot of traditions (this year we didn’t even do a tree or lights). I wonder what the

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