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Rattlesnake Ridge Meetup

Rattlesnake Ridge Meetup

Come out to Rattlesnake Ridge for an afternoon in the sun. Meet up with local climbers and Central Arkansas representatives from the Arkansas Climbers Coalition. Light refreshments and snacks will

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TAO - The Jones Center
A couple of climbers racing for the top in the rain.

Tri that in the dark!

Since I missed racing in the Raid the Rock adventure race last year, I’ve been itching to do some sort of multisport race.  Enter the Medi-O-Core triathlon, a trail run,

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The Approach by Jake Meredith

The Stoke

Warm beams of sunlight warm your tent, begging you to brave the cold morning air to make coffee. Reluctantly you unzip the tent, careful not to disturb the thin layer

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Dancing on Her Fingers

In the forward of her book Climbing Free: My Life in the Vertical World, Lynn Hill is described by her longtime friend, sometime climbing partner and early climbing mentor John Long

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