Chilly Water

We've found ourselves in fall’s chilly march toward winter.   Warm weather sports are over for the year. Fortunately for the paddlers of Arkansas, kayaking and canoeing is not a summertime-specific activity. Paddling is a whenever-and-wherever-the-water-is sport, and this time of year, the water is coming up. This makes for some happy paddlers, adrenaline junkies and casual boaters … [Read more...]


The Cossatot River was running last weekend, and so were all the whitewater paddlers in the state. Our river trip began at the Ed Banks low water bridge. As we unloaded boats and put on our gear, we were meeting tons of new people and trying to catch up with other friends. It’s amazing anyone ever got on the water. It is important to note real fast that my family is fairly new to the sport … [Read more...]

The Cossatot River Skullcrusher Trail Half Marathon

Shrouded by the darkness of the early morning, cars lined up outside the Cossatot River State Park Natural Area Visitor Center. Runners bundled against the morning chill in fleece and wind jackets filed into the bright and warm building to check in and get their swag. At 7 am we were ushered on to a school bus that would carry us to the opposite end of the 14 mile Cossatot River Corridor Trail. It … [Read more...]