For runners who frequently shop at Go!Running, Erin and Gary Taylor have become mentors and cheerleaders. With their community involvement and organized group runs using the store as a hub, they have created a welcoming atmosphere that embraces all runners, from the elite to those who like to jog and stroll. They have helped to create a legacy of competitive and recreational runners in Little Rock … [Read more...]

A Community on Two Wheels – 2013 Riverside Classic

 ...some cat's old lady just had a baby...Wow, it really is a city here. - John Sebastian at Woodstock Okay, so no babies were born at the Riverside Classic but it certainly had the sense of community. It all started the night before the race. We had been invited to attend the gallery opening of an artist friend who also happens to be a runner and cyclist, John Wooldridge. He is in the middle of … [Read more...]

John McDonnell Expects Something Out Of You

We dodged the cold misting rain to find the Go! Running  store bustling with people, most standing in line with a book tucked under an arm. They were waiting for their turn to have a word with the winningest coach in NCAA history. John McDonnell came to the University of Arkansas in 1972 when the University didn't even have a track. Athletes had to run at the High School track for practice and the … [Read more...]

Riverside Classic XC Race 2012

Ahhhhhh....late July in Arkansas...steamy. But that didn't stop the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series from rolling into North Little Rock this weekend. The Riverside Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by Riverside Subaru, took place at Burns Park on Saturday morning but preparations for the race really began a few weeks earlier. The mountain bike trails at Burns … [Read more...]

The Battle for Townsend’s Ridge

Since the beginning of the year I've been trying things on bikes that I'd never done before. Not tricks or specific skills but just throwing myself head first into some kind of cycling event that I'd never done. Bike Polo, Alley Cat Races, a Marathon Race, a Road Race, you know, what ever comes up. I still haven't tried a Criterium (those are a little scary) or Cyclocross (we'll see when the … [Read more...]