Time for Cyclocross!

Here in Central Arkansas, the weather is getting cooler and the cycling community is gearing up for cyclocross season.  For those of you unfamiliar with this discipline, cyclocross, or “Cross” for short, is a form of bicycle racing consisting of many laps on a short (1.5-2 mile) course featuring wooded trails, grass, steep hills, and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the … [Read more...]

Four Days at the 2016 Cyclocross Nationals – Day One

Occasionally we have the opportunity to take this whole Arkansas Outside show on the road and explore other places in the country where Arkansans go to expand their outdoor recreation experiences. The two biggest trips so far had been to Colorado, first with the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race where a large group of area mountain bikers went to take on the highest mountain bike race in the … [Read more...]

Winding up the 2015 Arkansas Cyclocross Season…but wait.

Another Arkansas Super Prestige Cyclocross season came to a close this past weekend, a little out of order. The annual Turkey Burn race, normally held on Thanksgiving weekend, was postponed to this past weekend due to flooding of the course at Boyle Park back in November. Waiting for better conditions worked out for race organizer, Trevor Edwards, as he was able to create a course that he had … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Party

This weekend I attended a party and a bike race broke out. Okay it was actually billed as a bike race, but I've been to this annual event and it always feels more like a party to me...a crazy, muddy, inappropriate dress up party. One of those parties where you never know what to expect, like a Bruce Willis movie. This party had no thieves posing as terrorists, no coke snortin' douche bags, no … [Read more...]

The Asher Grand Prix

Most of the cyclocross events we cover are a part of the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series, always great events with many familiar faces. This past weekend brought us the 2nd annual Western Hills Cyclocross race, a great venue organized by passionate and talented course designers, we didn't attend. Instead we showed up a day early to film the Asher Grand Prix, an event utilizing the same … [Read more...]

Video Proof of the 2013 Cyclocross State Championships

You read yesterdays article on the last race of the official Arkansas cyclocross season...you may have even scrolled through the hundreds of photos of the epicness of this grand event... you might have even been there in Rogers, AR, cheering on the racers. What you didn't get was the color commentary from the Belgian announcers that those at home watching live through a complicated assortment of … [Read more...]

Arkansas State Cyclocross Championship – 2013

It was just a week before when much of Arkansas was hit with an arctic blast. Snow, ice, wind, cold arrived and as hard as it was to believe, the calendar said was still Autumn. Normally, when we get hit with this kind of weather, within days we forget that it even happened; the temperature rises quickly, frozen precipitation melts and gives way to moderate days. Not this time. A full 10 days … [Read more...]

Burning off the Turkey

It was a beautiful day for the annual Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race last Sunday. That's to say the weather was beautiful for pretty much any outdoor activity. After some of the toughest courses of the season at the past two races at Old Post and Cedarglades, the race at Boyle Park was a nice change up. A fast, compact course with easy viewing and great support from sponsors like Vino's, Carve and … [Read more...]

2013 Cedarglades Cyclocross

This weekend brought a little old world cyclocross to the Natural State. 2013 marks the first year for the Cedarglades Cyclocross event, a newcomer to the Arkansas Super Prestige Cyclocross Series. For a first time effort, the Hot Springs Bicycling Association put a great course together. Soft ground, grass, mud, run-ups, barriers and other challenges greeted the racers. Much of Cedarglades … [Read more...]

Mud-Slinging Mayhem

On Saturday night Steve Erickson sent me a photo of a little water puddle that would be included on Sunday morning's course for the State Championship Cyclocross event at Burns Park. Many of the cyclocross racers point to me as  the one who really wants to see them race in the rain, mud and muck. I know the truth. They love it. I have yet to hear one complaint about a wet muddy course. They were … [Read more...]