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Western Hills CX

Time for Cyclocross!

Here in Central Arkansas, the weather is getting cooler and the cycling community is gearing up for cyclocross season.  For those of you unfamiliar with this discipline, cyclocross, or “Cross”

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Arkansas Cycling & Fitness.
Gudrun Mountain Bike Festival

Welcome to the Party

This weekend I attended a party and a bike race broke out. Okay it was actually billed as a bike race, but I’ve been to this annual event and it

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Run up or Mash, what's it going to be?

The Asher Grand Prix

Most of the cyclocross events we cover are a part of the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series, always great events with many familiar faces. This past weekend brought us the 2nd

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Shift Frequent Shifters Club
Kirk and Chad pushing the Open race.

Burning off the Turkey

It was a beautiful day for the annual Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race last Sunday. That’s to say the weather was beautiful for pretty much any outdoor activity. After some of

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Crossing the line.

2013 Cedarglades Cyclocross

This weekend brought a little old world cyclocross to the Natural State. 2013 marks the first year for the Cedarglades Cyclocross event, a newcomer to the Arkansas Super Prestige Cyclocross

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Mud-Slinging Mayhem

On Saturday night Steve Erickson sent me a photo of a little water puddle that would be included on Sunday morning’s course for the State Championship Cyclocross event at Burns

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