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Charlie Roberts taking a high line through the berms.

Phat Tire Cyclocross or BMX?

It was still dark when we left Little Rock for the cycling paradise that is Bentonville, Arkansas. Who would have thought twenty years ago that the home of Walmart would

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Andy has wings.

On the Dry and Dusty Trail

Arkansas is still in a drought. It was a very dry summer and the fall has not given us significant amounts of rain. This is not good for farmers, gardeners,

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Silhouetted by the early morning light.

Smoke-N-Suds Weekend Part 2

After day one of the Smoke-N-Suds weekend, we spent the night in the campground at nearby Devil’s Den State Park waking up to temperatures in the mid-thirties. Yes, it was

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Shift Modern Cyclery FSC
Friends and Family can be very supportive of racers.

Why I Love Spectating Cyclocross

Written and performed by Lisa, a non cyclocross rider. The cowbells. Let’s face it folks, those things are obnoxious. Not slightly annoying, not a little unnerving, they are obnoxious. And we

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If you hold your mouth just right you won't slide down the hill.

Reservoir Cross 2012

“I smell food,” said the leggy teen as she finished only her second cyclocross race ever. Her first was the previous night, this one was harder…and muddier. When I woke

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Expedition Ozark
I see at least three barriers in this photo.

A Different Kind of Obstacle

Cyclocross events usually involve mud, rain and cold but it’s early still in Arkansas and although we do have some cold, wet  days this time of year they don’t always happen

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How to get more cowbell

It’s time to get your cowbell on. That’s right, the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series starts Saturday night in Little Rock. Racing under the lights at Kanis Park (you know, that

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A muddy turn at Burns Park.

Let’s Make Some Noise

The nights are cooler, cold fronts are starting to come through the Natural State bringing rain and cloudy days. For some it’s time to head inside and take refuge from

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You’ll need an umbrella and….

We are counting down the days to the start of the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series. Make sure to mark your social calendar for one of the greatest sports series happening

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Once more into the mud!

UPDATE: Results are now available at Arkansas Cyclocross Blog! I’ve really enjoyed covering the 2011 Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Race Series (last week) (week before last) the last few weeks. Of course

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