Engineering Business is Part of the Cycling Community

It’s early Monday morning and Derek Berry is getting ready for his morning commute. He throws on his backpack and rather than starting up his Subaru Crosstrek, he wheels his matte black Cannondale bike out from his apartment, hops aboard and pedals off into the Little Rock sunshine. A few minutes later, he’s at the River Trail. A few more and he’s crossing the Big Dam Bridge to North Little … [Read more...]

Biking with Bill Nye

Yes, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, is ready to get you rolling. Cycling is growing across the country and in particular, Arkansas. All kinds of cycling. Do you want to commute by bike, road race, mountain bike, get a little exercise, do a long tour? What kind of bike do you need? Where should you ride? How do I buy a bike? How much should I spend? Are there rules? What the heck is a … [Read more...]

What if?

For Eleven years now, I've attended the Governor's Conference on Tourism. Over this time, I've made three presentations, the first was on using social media in tourism and hospitality businesses. I did one on bicycle friendliness a few years ago. It was well received but there was a lot more ground work to do in the field. Since then Arkansas found itself listed as 50th in bicycle friendliness in … [Read more...]

The Governor and Cycling

With less than a year in office, Governor Asa Hutchinson has suddenly rolled into the local cycling scene. I first met Governor Hutchinson during the last Governor's race. I happened to be at Mount Magazine Lodge working with some of the park staff when then candidate Hutchinson was there having lunch. He came over to our table while we were eating to introduce himself. Ever the politician, he … [Read more...]

Connecting with Arkansas Mountain Bikers

Whether you are coming for a visit, just passing through or considering moving to The Natural State, it's important to make connections with people who share your interests. If you are a mountain biker, it becomes even more important. You want to find that hidden trail, the best route on an epic trail and some friends to share recovery beverages with after the ride. Trails: Lake … [Read more...]

The Builder’s Ride

We've been doing a lot of work on the Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park lately. We weren't happy with the lack of rewards on the trail. You know, after climbing a stout hill it's nice to have a little flowy section to get some wind through your jersey. Well, I think we have a lot of nice little fixes. We still have more to do and we think we have some opportunities for a … [Read more...]

Will it go round in circles…

Sorry, I'm a sucker for 70's music lyrics and Billy Preston rocked the house. Anyway, speaking of going around in circles, Last night I decided to head over to Burns Park in North Little Rock and see what all this criterium stuff was about. Seems it's a bunch of sweet looking road bikes with riders in full kit going around a short "track" very fast. The cycling equivalent to NASCAR. Normally, … [Read more...]

Exploring Arkansas visits The Jackfork!

A couple of months ago Lisa, Daron and I met up with Chuck Dovish of Exploring Arkansas to show off some of the new trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We took on some easy sections since he is not an advanced rider. So don't let this video fool you. We filmed on what would be considered the easy sections of the trail. They were also areas that were easier to carry the camera equipment … [Read more...]

Because someone’s got to do it.

You may have read here that I've been doing some trail work out at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The background is that a few of us got together with the Park a couple of years ago and dotted the proper "i's" and crossed the appropriate "t's" and they allowed us to design and build a couple of mountain bike trails, the Jackfork (intermediate/advanced) and the Rabbit Ridge trails (easy). We opened … [Read more...]

Worthless & Weak!

Okay, yeah, I did it....I set up the bike trainer in the house. Why you may ask would I need to do that when I live in the Natural State with all these wonderful places go ride my bike. Well, short answer...I'm worthless and weak! We have some wonderful night rides going on in Central Arkansas both road and mountain bike night rides but it's cold and dark and besides weekdays are pretty busy and … [Read more...]