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Heather Ladd makes her way across the grassy hill.

Sinking into a Landfill

There are few things that suck the momentum from your tires like landfill grass. Cedarglades Park, built around the Garland County Landfill near Hot Springs

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Run What You Brung

The cold air burning my lungs, the exertion burning my legs, and the sound of cowbells and cheers burning my ears could only mean that

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Heart Breaker and Soul Shaker

Heart breaker soul shaker I’ve been told about you Steamroller midnight shoulder What they been saying must be true – Nazareth Nope, doesn’t make much

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Suiting Up

For some time now I’ve been a spectator and appreciator of cyclocross. It is sometimes like watching an intricate dance, the rider and the bike in

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Well Ring My Bell

Cowbell that is. Cyclocross. Do it wrong, and it’ll be the coldest, muddiest, most painful hour of your life. Do it right, and it’ll be

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Kirk and Chad pushing the Open race.

Burning off the Turkey

It was a beautiful day for the annual Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race last Sunday. That’s to say the weather was beautiful for pretty much any

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Crossing the line.

2013 Cedarglades Cyclocross

This weekend brought a little old world cyclocross to the Natural State. 2013 marks the first year for the Cedarglades Cyclocross event, a newcomer to

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