The Bookend Rides – IMBA World Summit 2016

Want to get in an early ride before the IMBA World Summit? Maybe one last one before you head for home. Can’t make it to the rest of the summit but would like to be involved? Arkansas State Parks and the Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC, a 20-year-old trail advocacy group and the first IMBA chapter in the region) have you covered. These rides are free to enjoy (shuttles and bike rental are … [Read more...]

Keeping it Human Powered and Outside

Arkansas Outside recently asked for our help by sharing with them the Human Powered, Outside Weekend we had recently. And being the good Boy Scout I am, I am happy to comply. And by “Boy Scout” I mean I’m a girl. And by “asked for our help” I mean AO simply blogged about wanting readers to share their own stories of adventure. This article is completely unrequested, but I know where Joe and Lisa … [Read more...]

Styx’n’Stones 2015

The Styx’n’Stones trail run in Devil’s Den state park was one I’d been wanting to try for awhile and this year I finally made the trip from Little Rock up to Northwest Arkansas to run the trail at Saturday at 8am. This would be my first time running the event though I had visited and hiked some of the trails in Devil’s Den state park several years ago. I was camping at Devil’s Den for a weekend … [Read more...]

Styx n’ Stones on Mended Bones

As I stood on the starting line of the Devil's Den “Styx N' Stones” 30k Trail Race, I realized it had been just over five months since I had an x-ray taken of my left fibula that revealed a complete and total fracture.  This fracture didn't happen in a car wreck or a fall from great heights, I had to work long and hard to break this bad boy over the course of many miles and thousands of foot falls … [Read more...]

The Silver Anniversary of Arkansas Mountain Biking

On July 24, 1988, Devil's Den State Park Superintendent Wally Scherrey, drafted a letter to Don Ross, Regional Park Manager, requesting that he and Tim Scott, Devil's Den Park Interpreter, be authorized for out-of-state travel. They got lucky and so did we. At the time the parks were severely underfunded and travel was kept to a bare minimum, going to another state was pretty much out of the … [Read more...]

Styx n’ Stones Trail Runs

The children’s rhyme that one thinks of when reading the name of this race is appropriate and a good indicator of things to come.  It’s not the words that one has to worry about, but the assortment of impediments that may break your bones.  As stated on the website of the race, one should expect any combination of sticks, stones, boulders, mud, scree, trail debris, rocks, sand, slippery rocks, … [Read more...]

24th Annual Ozark Mountain Bike Festival

The oldest, ongoing  mountain bike event in Arkansas has reached 24 years old.  The Ozark Mountain Bike Festival is held annually at Devil's Den State Park in Northwest Arkansas. Unlike many other mountain biking events, this one is not centered around racing but more around the fun of riding a mountain bike. Full of introductory and intermediate workshops, fun rides and kids events, the festival … [Read more...]

They’re Back!

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the International Mountain Biking Association Workshop at Devil's Den State Park (link to story). This past weekend another Trail Care Crew from IMBA visited White Oak Lake State Park in southwest Arkansas. As you might imagine, with the diversity of our state the trail conditions on the Fern Hollow Trail at White Oak are quite different from … [Read more...]

A Bonus Ride

This past weekend I was privileged to attend the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew workshop at Devil's Den State Park in Northwest Arkansas. We built some trail as part of the workshop and I was able to get first tires on it. The new trail starts across the street from the Visitor Center and takes you gradually down the hill to the Devil's Den Trail trail head. I also rode out to the Fossil Flats Trail … [Read more...]

Everybody likes a little trail…

...and these folks know all about getting some, and building some, and maintaining some, face it, the International Mountain Biking Association knows trail. Over the years, Arkansas has benefited by a close relationship with these gurus of mountain biking. First they named the Womble trail and later the Syllamo trail system IMBA "Epics", letting mountain bikers everywhere know that we do have … [Read more...]